The Deflationary

Defi Token

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Superpowers Of Powerdexcoin (PWDX)


Staking & Burn

  • Donation: 5% of each transaction is set aside for donation.
  • Burn: An extra 5% per month of the transaction total is burned, which means that supply is becoming increasingly scarce.

Whale Protection

No wallet holds more than 1% of token supply and no transaction can involve more than 10 billion tokens


Burned Tokens

17 %

Telegram Members

+ 300

Number of Holders

+ 21

Value of Our NFTs

$ 0,0


+ 0

New Millionaires

+ 0

Active Team

Extremely interactive team that are transparent with holders. Our community will always have a say in the future of Powerdexcoin.


Raising Price Floor

  • Our currency is 100% listed in bololex exchange, ensuring safe purchase and increasing its liquidity.

Make PWDX purchases on the following USDT, TRX, ETH pairs.


Contact details

Don't hesitate to send your questions through the contact form or